Portmanteau List: Details at House of Holland

Usually I prefer to follow the impression a collection makes on me as a whole. However, there are details that particularly speak to me as a designer and others which make me cringe. Sometimes I come across pieces and features throughout a collection which I wish I had been in charge of so as to exclude those little details that would have made the garment perfect, in my eyes. Each to their own, of course, but at the House of Holland show this feeling was particularly prominant, most likely because I use so many of the features in my own pieces (the good ones only, of course ;).

The overal fun preppy tweed and colored print and tights, wonderfully formed collars, color combinations that should hurt the eyes but simply make you think "well yes, of course" and pearls in detail I appreciated as greatly as the sporty cuts and striped socks over University common room pool ball or letters tights. I personally didn't enjy the random lace, occasional double front skirt slits and the "intercourse" indicating lewd hand sign print on an oversized jumper was plain out of place - if not in the story of University students in layers, surely sartorially.

Love the pearl sleeves - in fact, I would don this outfit out and about if I were that tall.

This dress would happily find a place in a Lira Leirner collection - the back is a deep V-neck, too, none other.

Pink and orange? Well, of course.

Pearls, bustier neckline, tweed, length and shape - all very familiar with Lira Leirner designs in mind

All images courtesy of Vogue.com - please click the link to view the entire House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collection