Portmanteau List: Fashion Week Favourites - Jonathan Saunders

Maybe I'm close minded, but I always maintain there's only one's own aesthetic one should follow in the process of deciding which pleasures of culture to share - at least on their own blog, surely that's allowed. My own, most certainly in fashion, are classic, minimalistic, neat and balanced - sometimes elaborately and intrinsically theatrical, but I don't harbor much love for the sartorially depressing reminders of the shades of the weather we are witnessing.

Sure, shapes should be explored, and silhouettes pushed but that doesn't mean I have to always like it. Unfortunately, this season there have been some painful silhouettes witnessed - remember the Chanel couture horror a few weeks ago? Despite the love I felt for many of the menswear Burberry pieces, their interpretation for the female figure was often merely that - and worse. Of course the figure hugging shapes were represented in the traditional coat line, however, the new silhouettes explored I could name nothing but "miss" with the gravity working its way in pulling down the corners of my mouth in disappointment. I'm aware I'm picking at the big ones, because I know it doesn't affect them, but that unfortunately doesn't mean I have been too impressed with the mejority of the smaller collections this season either.

However, some rays of light always shine through, and contrast more starkly than usual in their aesthetically and technically pleasing collections against the melee of gray mass that has spread this season.

One of them is Jonathan Saunders. Heralded even by Vogue.com as "one of the highlights of [London fashion] week", it's primly high necked yet flattering silhouettes in beautiful and young colors evoked a smile in my soul with beautiful William Morris reminiscent prints on solid, flattering structures and base colors.

All images courtesy of Vogue.com - click on the link to see the rest of the collection!