Portmanteau List: Joana Faria Illustration

Yes, this blog gears itself towards fashion, however, I stumbled across Joana Faria, a fashion illustrator which I simply must share with you. Her illustration style evokes a sense of Chanel-ian frenchness, overstylization to perfection and a strong, sexy yet girly gothic style with humour intrinsically incorporated into it's shapes and interpretation and a gorgeous balance between modern illustration and vintage inspired details. And then there's the eye lashes, flowing from the figurines like feathers from a jungle bird.

It does help that not only does Joana speak Portuguese (like me) as well as loves travelling, she's into all the same cultural references I'm into. Same architects, same songs, same quotes... how can I not love her?

She featured in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration. Here are some of my favourite pieces, taken from Joana Faria's blog.