Portmanteau List: Sao Paulo Fashion Week - Lino Villaventura

With refreshing appearances of male models presenting Villaventura's collection with wet-look braces and spine prints, the majority of the collection had a distinctively dark and texturized, modern Gothic appearance with of classically European and Japanese influences. Strong bauble-like structures and asymetric jersey fitted knee-length cuts interchanged places, followed by dangerously fall-over inducing scare of floating print pattern silk and chiffon floor length dresses.

Texture a focal point of Villaventura's collection, the resemblance to a spiderweb was unmissable throughout. First in the beautiful rough woven texture displaying hints of skin here and there and allowing for both movement and structure, then a rubbed pleating of repeated diamond shaped velvet dresses flattering and fitted to the body, followed by silver structured over dress tops of thick bands intertwined into a asymetric webs.

Shoulders were a feature accentuated with pleasure in this collection, either by drawing to it with the season's love affair of shoulder pads or by fully exposing them with a straight line across the body of the dress.

Images taken from FFW.com.br