Portmanteau List: Pointer Footwear - craftsmanship and sweet angrogyny

As most Portmanteaulings know, I like my shoes. Some bloggers like bags, some like jewelery - I like the foorwear that graces and carries our connection to reality. Whether it is an exclamation by Alex of AlexLoves shocked at seeing me in flats or having my inner demons agree that buying a pair of Prada heels is indeed more valuable in a perfectly logical way than eating food for a week, this here girl likes her shoes.

Despite the fact that 99% of said shoedrobe consists of heels, especially with the cold gone by, there are a a type of schoes the portmateau is so fond of, even beyond heels, that she becomes picky. The shape must not be too bulky nor round, the front slim, feminine yet andgorynous enough to wear with both trousers and a dress. Especially with the winter past and the feetfully painful London Fashion Week at our doorstep, it is truly not amiss to have a closer look at a brogue shoes specialty brand whose craftsmanship is all I and my fellow Londrinum fashionistas could wish for.

In comes a brand that I got introduced to by my friend, whose feet are so sensitive even flip flops hurt her (in my world the most comfortable shoes imaginable)... nothing but socks and sandals would soothe these feet. Sure, she wore shoes as well, but blisters covered her feet like bruises covered the princess on the pea. The fact that she found shoes that were soft enough yet appealed to the suffering Portmanteau eyes a lot more than socks-in-sandals, was enough to catch my attention - so voila, I discovered Pointer Footwear.

Although still relatively unknown, they're about to hit it big soon I'm sure, and I recoomend you grab a pair of those soft, beautifully made and shaped hand crafted beauties as a long life companion. I, for one, want one in every color! And it gets better. They have them. I pass over to them to describe what we can see with our very eyes and what our feet thank us with their bones and skin: "Pointer shoes are inspired by the classic and flirt with the now: the collections consist of a playful palette of plimsolls and stitched-down traditionals, best leather moccasins and sturdy boat shoes, fanciful ankle boots and crisply-collared brogues." My favourites are Marie and Elsie. But you should have a look at some of their other models as well. Fashionistos, it's not all about the androgyny, so get in there, there's male shoes to drool over on their site as well. If ever I wanted to be a guy, male brogues were definitely the reason.

What I like about Pointer, though, is the fact that they're ethical, traditional and truly care about craftsmanship and despite all that it has no impact on the sleekness of the design. In their own words, pointer points out (sorry for the pun): "Pointer believes in comrades and co-conspirators, in inspiration and imagination. Pointer has been involved in supporting artist-led ad campaigns, creative point-of-sale displays and collaborative t-shirt projects, and in the publication of a series of Pointer Art Collective booklets". Considering how young the company still is, I can't wait to see what else they will do in the future.

While researching them I came across a video they've made of their shoe producers in action (click on the link to see the Production video) and I could almost SMELL the leather, drying my throat in its wonderful freshness (yes, it's all in my head). It is heartwarming to see craftsmanship still matters and definitely something I want to support.

They sell the shoes via ASOS (well, only men's shoes so far, sniff) and have stores all over the place, but if you Londoners would like to try them on (as I always do), pop by Bread ‘n’ Honey on 205 Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8QP London (Tel: +44 20 7253 4455).