Portmanteau Commentary: The Queen covers Schön!

This cover really speaks to me. The pearly and furry white appeal to my own dress sensibilities while age and vulnerable strength have been issues I've been mulling over these last days. Furthermore, she is closing her eyes, but sternly and trusting, perhaps in a slightly disapproving slant - I detect no fear nor uncertainty in her features, closing her eyes - and I on some level wish were my eyes; not in ignorance but avoidance that does hence not imply bliss- to what is happening to beloved Great Britain that is so destructive, that I am looking at with wide, pained eyes.

A truly deep and composed cover, Schön! To view the rest of the magazine online, go to where the "Energy of Nineteen" guards the pages of beauty for us.

Portmanteau Commentary: Business ethics gone right - Japan Air Line CEO pays himself less than his pilots

With this video I take a slice of inspiration in business ethics, one which extracts some hope in thin slivers from the thickly laid oily petroleum of mistrust of business that comes from studying white collar crime for almost a third of my life.

Japan Airlines' CEO Haruka Nishimatsu pays himself less than the pilots, takes the bus to work and eats in the cafeteria - because he realizes why it makes sense.