Opposing Mitosis

T'is two branched a tree
With dual intent
Did we ever foresee?
Oh, it did misrepresent

Decades ago the word meant joy
Back when the new meaning
Is what did kill that boy
Oh, which way am I leaning?

There laid out for taking
Duality merged into unity
And whether it is breaking
Oh, it wounds my immunity

When the everyday fact
Of the definition
Doesn't match how I react
Oh, it becomes my mission

Importance is fleeting
Definition leads to categorization
Don't see why I'm cheating
Oh, whence come from this fixation?

The certainty of category
Could bring so much clarity
Confusion, however mandatory
Oh, it creeps up so warily

I used to sit comfortably
Where the tree split in two
Gripping the right branch uncertainly
Oh, but drinking the new

Melting like iron in a forge
Will decisions make me complete?
Dripping from the cone to the porch
Oh, but nothing could be this concrete

Just dripping and fleeting
As I'm gripping tightly
Which is it I'm needing?
Oh, confused so rightly

There is no conclusion
For there is no decision
There's only confusion
And exploring illusion.

What LL Wore: Summer storm a-brewing

Where life takes place is reminiscent of how that life is lived. In the UK, more specifically in London, life is lived inside. Inside oneself, inside the house, inside the group of friends one surrounds oneself with.

Furthermore, I am usually constantly working, which so far I always thought required another level of interiority. As I spend most my days relocating my life to the outdoors with every sunny moment absorbed into the pores of my sun-drenched being, there's also memento mori of weather, based on previous experience of UK summer.

Re-locating to the garden

As many will confirm, the summer experienced in said lovely little wet country centers around roughly two weeks in late spring, usually around the time when exams are due. Almost like clockwork awareness the rain and drizzle misery will approach in clouds of darkness by the time you have handed in your last essay - an awareness that stays with you no mater how long ago you've graduated. With this in mind, the very first storm that came a-brewing this year had people drily stating that autumn had now arrived and me wailing. However, the very next day, the sun came back out and we rejoiced once more. So much so, in fact, that when the storm clouds came thundering down the horizon or what counts as one within the limited visibility of Londonderry, I thoroughly enjoyed layering up in summer storm appropriate gear without fear (ohh, rhyme) of any ceasing of summer.

Ada Gatti red knit shirt
Vintage red and black beads necklace
Atmosphere blue bird jacket
Traditional Scottish pleat skirt
Pringle red golf socks
Prada red T-bar heels
Blue Lira Leirner bow hairclip

What LL Wore: Day two at the V&A and Yohji Yamamoto

Image by Mummy Portmanteau

Vintage cream silk blouse
Zara Navy blue silk cardigan
Pringle of Schottland cream pleat skirt
Rupert Sanderson cream and white rimmed leather heels
Lira Leirner yellow-gold and black checked raw silk and leather jacket
Black hair bow
Calvin Klein black watch

Continuing the indulgence of the imaginary sartorial pathway "If I had been a Prep girl", the second day of Mummy Portmanteau's visit to the big smoke took us to see Yohji Yamamoto's collection at the V&A in a brightly lit sterile show space which made me feel like I was back in fashion week and not in a museum. Some of the pieces were truly jaw droppingly beautiful and I found myself drawn to red pieces more than any other. Quite charmingly, I could see faults of finish and methods every now and then, in particular with his earlier pieces - for example, a full - train pure cashmere night gown had moth holes and another garment had it's beautiful front gathering pulling down the corner of the mid- button that would have benefitted from a discreet hook and eyes. Minute details, which always rock my nerves when I see them in my own garments while everyone around me seems to see only the positives, yes details nonetheless - made by a master of fashion sculpting. I know I should make this about myself, but it did make me feel better about the mistakes only I seem to see. However, when it comes to pleating and layering, I had goose bumps.

Isn't this the most beautiful mushrooming pleat sculptured dress you've ever seen? I find it hard to take my eyes off the red sleeveless pleated silk dress in homage to Madame Gres from the S/S 2005 collection

Beautiful red and black distressed boiled wool jacket with gathered front and long skirt from the /W 2009-10 collection and a red asymmetric light wool felt dress with crinoline from the A/W 1990-91 collection.

Black long dress with buttons from top to bottom at the front and on both sides in silk from the A/W 1995-1996 collection. This is a feature I've been meaning to incorporate into my pieces for a while but I never end up having the patience to actually implement it. One day... one day.

Black halter-neck long dress in homage to Madame Gres, with pleat detail in the front and black trousers in silk and satin from the S/S 2005 collection

What LL Wore: Day one in Hampstead Heath

La Babele vintage check wool jumper (inherited from my grandmother, who wore it at my age)
HandBook black denim pleat skirt
Hermes vintage blazer (gift from my aunt)
Red scottish check hairband
Yellow kid leather Lira Leirner bracelet with silver badge
Tommy Hilfiger red polo shirt
Longchamp red Le Pliage bag
Prada red and white T-bar block 5 inch heels

In a series of looks to indulge the scream for attention by my inner prep-school girl I've outlined in my previous post "If I had been a prep girl" I've opted for a red and black palette with a flash of yellow incorporating a check pattern without becoming too christmassy or mockingly British by keeping the accents minimal. As my mother was visiting we went for a lovely extended walk in Hampstead Heath and had some fun taking pictures by this gorgeous pond into which a dog kept jumping into. Thanks to mummy Portmanteau for taking this lovely picture and even more thanks for going for lovely walks with me and insisting on bus rides across London.