Opposing Mitosis

T'is two branched a tree
With dual intent
Did we ever foresee?
Oh, it did misrepresent

Decades ago the word meant joy
Back when the new meaning
Is what did kill that boy
Oh, which way am I leaning?

There laid out for taking
Duality merged into unity
And whether it is breaking
Oh, it wounds my immunity

When the everyday fact
Of the definition
Doesn't match how I react
Oh, it becomes my mission

Importance is fleeting
Definition leads to categorization
Don't see why I'm cheating
Oh, whence come from this fixation?

The certainty of category
Could bring so much clarity
Confusion, however mandatory
Oh, it creeps up so warily

I used to sit comfortably
Where the tree split in two
Gripping the right branch uncertainly
Oh, but drinking the new

Melting like iron in a forge
Will decisions make me complete?
Dripping from the cone to the porch
Oh, but nothing could be this concrete

Just dripping and fleeting
As I'm gripping tightly
Which is it I'm needing?
Oh, confused so rightly

There is no conclusion
For there is no decision
There's only confusion
And exploring illusion.