What LL Wore: Summer storm a-brewing

Where life takes place is reminiscent of how that life is lived. In the UK, more specifically in London, life is lived inside. Inside oneself, inside the house, inside the group of friends one surrounds oneself with.

Furthermore, I am usually constantly working, which so far I always thought required another level of interiority. As I spend most my days relocating my life to the outdoors with every sunny moment absorbed into the pores of my sun-drenched being, there's also memento mori of weather, based on previous experience of UK summer.

Re-locating to the garden

As many will confirm, the summer experienced in said lovely little wet country centers around roughly two weeks in late spring, usually around the time when exams are due. Almost like clockwork awareness the rain and drizzle misery will approach in clouds of darkness by the time you have handed in your last essay - an awareness that stays with you no mater how long ago you've graduated. With this in mind, the very first storm that came a-brewing this year had people drily stating that autumn had now arrived and me wailing. However, the very next day, the sun came back out and we rejoiced once more. So much so, in fact, that when the storm clouds came thundering down the horizon or what counts as one within the limited visibility of Londonderry, I thoroughly enjoyed layering up in summer storm appropriate gear without fear (ohh, rhyme) of any ceasing of summer.

Ada Gatti red knit shirt
Vintage red and black beads necklace
Atmosphere blue bird jacket
Traditional Scottish pleat skirt
Pringle red golf socks
Prada red T-bar heels
Blue Lira Leirner bow hairclip