Portmanteau Commentary: Genderless World

I've come across an article outlining the approach of a Canadian couple to raise their third child genderless. They want the child to decide what gender it is and although I agree that they won't be able to keep it up forever, early experiences are crucial for development and might actually make a difference in the clarity and freedom of the child to develop as it is rather than within self-fulfilling prophecy and societal expectations.

"If sex is what is 'between the legs' and gender is what is 'between the ears', neither is confused for any of our children," said Ms Witterick.
"What we noticed is that parents make so many choices for their children. It's obnoxious."
This is awesome.
I don’t like children and I’m not goiong to have any, but I support this wholeheartedly. Except I wonder how far the bias is actually already implemented in those who do know.
Either way, despite the possible psychological repercussions because of the way the world is dualistically still divided, it’s a step in the right direction. It seems to be a very supportive family and I think it’s a great approach to raising a child. Bullying is based on anything different and could be ANYTHING, but if this catches on, the approach to personal choice is definitely enhanced. Hats off.

Portmanteau Commentary: Ankles are the beacon of light for change

Remember when ankles were the sexiest part of the body a woman could show? We were heading in the right direction in fashion. Hemlines were changing, and attitudes toward optional silhouettes fast approaching. I might be optimistic, and there is still a long way to go - but the recent nod and inclusion of ankle exposing slim lined suits and trou' for men are very promising in terms of a design breakthrough I hope will catch on.

It wasn't that many months ago that at being questioned what my thoughts were on menswear in an interview by Amelia's Magazine I outlined my frustration with the fact that men simply do not experiment. I even went as far as to controversially state that most men I've had the pleasure of working for that far "have bigger mouths than the will to be experimental". I went on to say that "There’s not much room for experimentation for me as a designer, as they’re very specific about what they want and even half an inch down or up is a deal breaker. Hopefully I can be proven wrong one day."

A few days ago I had a few insightful discussions with some of my fellow menswear ethusiasts including the graphic designer David McGillivray and a few Twitter friends during which I came to realize that although there is a variety in menswear, the actual consumer varies from person to person instead of within situations as it does for women. As I said, when mentioning my upcoming collection including both womenswear and menswear, women comment "Oh, I can't wait to see what you've come up with" while men say "I hope the collection includes pieces that are basically what I already wear".

Although the experimentation is minimal and only applied in refinement of an already decided on style instead of a full blown experimentation, instead of being frustrated I'm feeling more driven to crack this nut than ever. I'm lucky that I'm still at the stage where I can establish and refine certain key pieces, design features particular to me and a fit I hope a group of guys will be able to incorporate as part of their already established style. Much like they do. In that respect I will be taking inspiration to their approach to styling and apply it to my approach to designing, different to the way I approach designing for women, which very much fits into the way women style.

I can't wait.

Furthermore, I can see the rays shooting through from behind the horizon. Where ankles pointed to a bright future of female fashion, ankles might be pointing at a bright future in menswear. I might not be alive for it, but I'll gladly join in with the first baby steps.

Portmanteau List: Five songs I'd sing if I could sing

Anyone who has talked to me lately may have noticed I have taken to swallow a few select TV shows whole in the matter of a weekend for each show, including "The Thick of It", "Community", ""24", "The Office", "House of Cards", "Spaced", "Black Books", "Hellcats", "Greenwing", "Ugly Betty", "Gossip Girl" and the latest one, "Glee". These are just a few, obviously, but my approach is usually to watch the whole thing in one go, which is why I prefer watching series once they've actually been taken off the air and are completed. I'm not very good at the waiting for story lines to unfold thing, I am a greedy reader. And similarly, I am a greedy watcher and need to know a storyline as immediately as possible. The more information, the better. That's why films rarely cut it for me any more.

Either way, I was just bantering with my friend Mariana about which songs she would sing to me as she's part of a club that gets together and sings. I, of course, cannot sing. I'm worse than Mike. In fact, if I was anyone in Glee, I'd probably be Mike because I can shake my booty but I seriously cannot sing. But one can enjoy the hypothetical in blog posts, so that's what I'm going to do, especially because I WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU WOULD CHOSE AS YOUR TOP FIVE. Seriously, you gotta comment, otherwise it's not as fun!

I'm going to implement some rules, though, that are along the lines of how I imagine Glee choses theirs
1. It's not just about a random song you like and can sing
2. The lyrics have to be relevant to the situation YOU are in or something you wish you could say or the way you feel at the moment. That's what singing other people's songs is for, they can express how you really feel without being too personally specific - usually. As if I had to tell anyone, but some people take the easy way out. Let's not.
3. Usually, I'd say you need to be able to sing it (has to be in your key etc) but let's ignore that because it would mean I can chose no songs. Ever, at all. But if you can actually sing, be my guest and include that in your specifications. I will let YouTube do the job for me.
4. Feel free to do mash ups and suggest your version of the lyrics break down!
5. In my case they all happen to be some of my favourite songs as well, but relevance comes first!

So here we go, my top 5 songs I would sing if I were in Glee, that express how I feel about things in general at the moment:

Portmanteau List: Top five feather dresses

I have a current obsession with feather as part of a feature in my dresses, which is an expensive and time consuming taste to have. Helped along by the fact that hand sewing allows me to work in the garden whilst sunbathing, I managed to get a few pieces done lately - however, until further financial notice my enjoyment is limited to the drooling over feathered dresses I've adored in the past, most of which are by the indisputable king of feather detailing, the late Alexander McQueen.

1. Alexander McQueen


Image by Fashionfoiegras (thanks for sharing this piece of perfection with us)

2. Atelier Versace

Source: Popsugar

Penelope Cruz in Versace at the Oscars

3. Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

Source: Style.com

4. Oscar de la Renta Spring 2008

Source: NY Fashion Mag

4. D&G A/W 2011

Source: Huffingtonpost

Please share some beautiful feathered dresses if you like, I can't get enough of them.