LL Creates: Why is the raven like a writing desk? Because they are nevar turned the wrong way front.

Drawing idea

Feathers and corset ready

Buying paper scroll and pens.


Gladwin comes to visit

More writing

The cold doesn't deter me

Gladwin wants attention

Completed writing

Cutting into pieces for scanning

Organised pieces after scanning

Puzzling together on Photoshop, editing out cutting lines, smoothening connections, erasing dirt etc. Then formatting and uploading the design to order the fabric .

The fabric arrives!

Wonderful drape

Printed script fabric

Measuring and preparing the pattern (already having done a try out with different fabric)

Sewing in white linen pleat underskirt to give it volume and weight

Finished sewing

Front view of skirt

Back view of skirt

Whole outfit including feathers, black corset, feathered mask and completed neckline

Trying on the whole outfit

Wearing it

LL Travel Photography: Oxford, London

Oxford town, Oxford town

For its scholars it’s renowned

Hiding behind gates in gowns

While tourists run around

On my face there was no frown

The Colleges and their park

Most definitely made their mark

Shadowy rivers lined with tree bark

Punters and chess themed remarks

Many picnics with tea and tarts

Now I’m sure of how I sway

I prefer Cambridge, I dare say

But it was surely a great way

To go travel, to not just stay

Home on my 27th birthday.