Portmanteau Diary: Bjorn Borg Turns the Lights Off to Start LFW

Bjorn Borg with Nik, let's hit the lights now
The venue, Battersea Power Station
Coco Sumner and the guard

My favourite photographer of the night
Whirlpool? What whirlpool? Party? People? What? I'm... a bit... my brain is preoccupied.
Big expanse of beds to snuggle on, Melina and Roshni
Tattooed rabbi thinking ahead and avoiding the queues at the bar
The reason I love fashion
Therese and Markus
The cutest Bjorn Borg model of the night hanging with a cool dude in slippers
Roshni, Sabrina, Gabby and Katie
Another posing arrangement with Akeela, Sabrina and Roshni
Alex, it's been too long, birthday twin
Michael's happy to see Akeela, not slapping her
More tiger, less kitten
My favourite girl Sabrina
The ever glorious Anna