The Magic Broom - A Political Fairy Tale

Once upon a midnight crime
In a far, far away land
In a far, far away time
Much closer than you want

A white king with sweeping hair
Held up by civilians there
Looked around his big lair
Of which not he but they were heir.

He was bored, dissatisfied
"Where's the fun?" he mystified
When his look fell upon
The magic broom that he'd not won.

Instantly he did get
The idea to place a bet
Just for his own amusement
Using all he had for payment.

For payment all he had that lingers
As he tried to snap his fingers
Were humans, best you understand
For he took from them all the land.

Finally he snapped them right
And the magic broom came alive
Moving and inducing fright
Telling tales of bets to thrive.

"I, oh I, shall grant you wishes
Wishes that affect the land
Wishes of the lives at hand
I, oh I, shall want you with it."

But the greedy king did not
Pay attention to the knot
He looked around the lot
He wanted more than he had got.

He thought "If only there were none
Of the poor, black or gay
None disabled, no women who say nay
If only all of these were gone

Then more land could be mine
Just like my emperor divined."

The house he lived in was built by them
The food he ate was made by them
The street he walked on, paid by them
The womb he birthed from, bodied by them

But instead of being grateful
He was greedy and hateful
Worried they might repack
What once they'd given him, back

"There's only one way to ensure
That all is as it were, once more"
That all he'd stolen would stay his
That he could use it to get rich.

And soon he laughed delightfully
As the broom danced frightfully
The wish that cost the king
The bet of humans which made him.

"Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep out all the wounds and gore
Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep them into all the poor

Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep out all the heart attacks
Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep them into all the blacks

Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep out all the AIDS
Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep it into all the gays

Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep out all raped wombs
Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep them into all the sluts and nuns

Sweep sweep sweep
Sweep away all health
Sweep sweep sweep
And with it sweep away their wealth."

With every wish the magic broom swept as such
The gold in front of the king amassed
So he never saw it coming
For he'd not heeded the broom's warning.

They had heard the wish! And came a-packing
Packing back what was rightfully their'
Where he'd had some, then all, now was nothing
And he stood there, a poor heir.

What he’d wished upon those not like him
Never expecting changed fortune
Never respecting different intention
Befell him resulting from his selfish whim.

"Oh if only I had wished before
Like the broom told me, of yore
To wish and think beyond myself
To also wish good for everyone else.”