What LL Wore: One year of selfies in a single post

I know my blog somehow turned into a travel photography blog this past year or so, but following a particular discussion on fashion bloggers I felt inclined to accumulate the every day outfit pictures I've taken on the way out of the house with simply my phone this past year. Some are just selfies out and about, but they're all fairly similar in their context.

Watch out for my sudden long hair at the end. I think it's an interesting change in style from when I was fashion blogging outfit posts regularly and had it in mind when getting ready. These are more my everyday me and more comfortable, I think. Not that what I wore wasn't me, but I experimented more, and I was more willing to not be 100% in my comfort zone for the sake of experimenting or following a concept I wanted to try out (uh, here's a compilation of images from outfit posts). That falls away when you're just getting dressed to go to the corner shop, so I think this compilation is more genuinely me now. I still love dresses and now that it's warm outside, I'm wearing them. But the warmth doesn't last, and I'm fond of bow ties and jumpers and feet that don't hurt.