The Plague

what is this generation of diseases
trapped between the individual and pressure who pleases
the great depression, a plague, the third world war
it’s happening all and everywhere
the great illness swept this generation
the war within the mind in temptation
it killed and numbed, that was the plague
desire, information, never fulfilled
possibility, opportunity, never fulfilled
we decay, decay as the corpses lives longer
live longer how? we stopped living
the mind dies decades before the limbs do 
who are we 
possibilities of science, not human minds
shells carrying the plague from one tank to the next
wandering towards death within living flesh
this generation, trapped 
disease, we cannot see it, too ignorant yet
let’s race to live, let’s know, understand
but the more we do, the more it eats
we aren’t meant to live this long
that is the point depression makes
enough life only for nothingness within
no life, no thought, no lies, not caught
but early death and purpose
simple or complex, the pain is exquisite
no more ash clouds, oh please
no more battles
no more dripping, dripping
no more bleeding pain
no more brain, no more brain
remove the plague from me

remove this generation for eternity