Lira Leirner Art: Introduction

Most of my writing is happening by hand these days. My art portfolio can be found under

I'm exploring different materials in relation to what I'm writing. In addition to canvas I use wood, jigsaw puzzle pieces, and oil, gouache, or spray paint.

You may look at the pieces I'm creating and merely see some pretty meaningless intertwined snorkels - that is part of the point. I invite you to both look at text as an image as a whole, and to focus on the details of the material manifestation of words. Reading is an everyday experience, everywhere we look. With my pieces I want to break that habit. 

My main focus at the moment is the Writer Series. In it I explore the interaction between creating and consuming written materiality and concepts. Hence the writing hence the material, hence the difficulty of reading, hence the inversion of print colours. The text itself which is written out deals with this topic.

I like to explore through production. What I create is singular, all individual pieces saying something new and doing something different. Yet they're part of a series and they explore a shared concept overall.

The way I understand art, is that it explores and provokes and inspires. Preferably in aesthetically pleasing way.

Name: Life Fractions
Dimension: 20cm x 20cm
Material: Acrylic on Cardboard puzzle
Price: £610
Name: Internally Whole
Dimension: 40cm x 40cm x 2cm
Material: Eco Guache on Canvas
Price: £1200

Name: Recipe
Dimension: 22cm x 11cm
Material: Oil on canvas
Price: £560

Name: You are Me
Dimension: 8cm x 8cm x 8cm
Material: Spray paint on Plywood
Status: Owned by Private Collector