Lira Leirner Art: Wuthering Heights (behind the scenes)

As part of my obsession to document and track every aspect of my life, this has not been the first time I've time-lapse filmed my work (here's an example). 

However, this is the first time I've turned it into a video; I wanted the dear person for whom this piece was made to get as much out of the piece as possible. I started by writing their name out with the base paint before spreading it across the canvas, so that their self would be like a foundation upon which the words lay.

Last time I've created the time lapse with my laptop, and next time I will most definitely do it with my actual camera. However, this time I thought it somehow wise to figure out how to capture my painting antics with an, uh, tripod of sorts.

That's why you can see the camera pan sideways in the early shot... the camera fell on my head. 

Here's the bettered version of the tripod, including taped down counter weight. It did its job.

After three days of it taking up most of the space in my room and me carefully walking around, I'd finished the piece and could dismount it.

I had made ONE mistake that was nonetheless a very big one. It's the quiet earth, QUIET earth. That's the point! It's NOT unquiet! I turned the U into a Q but I couldn't recover the N into a U so I covered it up with paint again, let it dry, and rewrote it.

Do you see that correct, logic quiet earth there? Yes, very good.

I've been developing my LL type and painting with it for over ten years. There's more I want to explore, but in comparison to my much earlier pieces, I have become bolder and more secure in my style and intention. Up and onwards, side and longwards.