New LL the Portmanteau video: How do you value yourself?

How do you value yourself?

How do you derive value from within yourself, for yourself? How does that value manifest itself in your understanding of reality? Yes, you. You reading this. Think. Good. I won't ask you what. I will ask you, how did you do it? Did you write it down? Did you think it? Were you too lazy to bother? Did you not expect a call for action? Do you consume your reality passively?

My Answer:
I derive worth from WRITING.

I write in order to materialise myself, in order to materialise the surrounding reality through my mind. I write to acknowledge that the self exists by externalising and materialising the reality of immaterial thoughts.

Here lies the question of valuing oneself. The less I think of my own thoughts as worthy, my own words as commendable, the less am I capable of existing, wetting paper with ink, filling screens with data, producing waves in the silence, occupying space with materiality.

Writing becomes an act of rebellion against the devaluation of my own MIND, a tangible reminder of my existence and worth.

How do YOU value yourself?

Write your answer below in the comments.

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