New LL the Portmanteau video: What if Internet was no Object?

What if Money was no Object? What if Internet was no object?

The internet is democratic.
Systemic power structures are replicated but there is potential inherent in its function.
Potential for revolution, for voices to exist and to be seen and heard.

What are you afraid of?
The internet is a tool.
You are who uses it. To be afraid
of a tool is to be afraid of yourself.

The internet is real.
Reality becomes information in your mind. Right now your brain is processing this information: GO. The shape of these letters, leaves, words, meanings.

The internet is empowering.
You’re in control of this tool. It is your choice to
create, share, learn, communicate, enjoy and contribute.
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This video has been created as a response to the topic of Essena O'Neil and the surrounding debate on the evils and joys of Internet and Social Media.
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