New LL the Portmanteau video: The Superposition of Brain Content

The superposition of brain content comes with the superposition of simultaneous existences of differing probabilities.
Happy Christmas! It is possible and probable that stress and happiness coexist. Which cat will you observe yourself to collapse into this year? -------------------------------------------
I have a new properly animated title sequence! What do you think?
The Superposition of Brain Content

When will I see you? 
You'll see me 
In a galaxy
Far far away
Behind the moon
Beyond the rain
Shot from the bow

Off to that land I go
The desert of crawling thoughts
Substance of vapour 
Weight like marble 
Downy as cloudy cotton
Slap like flying fish wings 

Waves of the ocean
soft water crashing 
hard with sharp devotion

Where brutality increases  
The softer its substance
Accelerated with distance
Superposition of materiality
There and not plurality 

There I slip slip slip
Down the soft sharp 
Dip dip dip
Slide slide slide
Kisses on the other side.
In this video we have the pleasure of hearing the vocal chords of Sir Alexander Holt.
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