New LL the Portmanteau video: The World of Wordshapes

I prefer books. For company, for education. Everything, really.

In the books they're just ideas, they're just words; and so much more aligned with how I see the world. I see words everywhere. I just turn everything into words. Everything is shaped like letters.

In "Plato's Cave" we have the reflection of the ultimate concept. We look at the world around us: the shapes are simply the shadows of what the concept is. I jump straight to the concept. I see the shadow but I'm thinking of the concept. The way I do that is by wording the concept.

This is why I prefer reading. When I'm reading, things are more real. It's like skipping a step because I go straight into the mind, I go straight into the words. Of course the words are describing humans, actions, situations and so on, but in books specifically they're doing it in a way that is much easier for my brain to process.

A lot of people, when they read the words, as they're reading: they're imagining a scene or they're visualising the situation or sympathising with emotions. I'm just taking the words on.

It's a translation that is already done for me, which is a translation I have to do in everyday life. Maybe it's just because I'm a writer that words matter more to me.

My brain has obsessively started to transform everything into words.

And when I say words I don't mean speech, I mean the shapes of the letters that make up the image of the written out word.  This is how I visualise the world.
This text has been written and spoken by Lira Leirner in July 2013
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