Lira Leirner Art: They Will Read I

The first of a new series, which has been in the making for five years, I started painting this piece of writing in 2012. The particles of oil was intense in my small, book-filled lounge so I places the canvas onto the balcony to dry. In the morning I discovered paw-prints of our neighbour's cat gliding across the now solidified paint and the darkness of depression kicked the association of failure aside, hidden and wrapped in "What would Leroy Jenkins" posters for years to come. 
Four years later to the day I took a brush back into my hand and finished the strokes of this piece. The paws and scratches remain in the texture of the oil, letters and words exist upon all surfaces and materials.
The story will continue. 

Name: They Will Read I
Year: 2012 – 2016
Dimension: 50cm x 50 cm x
Material: Oil and Ink on Canvas
Price: Not for Sale
Books will be the past, present and future of their life; the up, down and around of their passionate learning; the left, right and centre of their pursuit. When Soma Kwao will be within reach of a book, they will introduce themselves like an old friend new.
They’ll smell the dangerous, sharply cut paper of a quest story, stroke the pine spine of a painful love story, reverently listen to the angry whispers of a murder mystery.
Always they will say “Hello, I am your reader. Let us be friends, it is time for a new combination of letters, words, story.” Soma Kwao will entwine their wrinkly dark fingers over the delicate comfort of a bound book of words and lift it to their nose to breathe in its ancient, sultry tang.
Flies will swarm in the precise space between the two trees through which the setting sun will shine into their library.
Reader Soma will read to not think about what will have already happened, what could have happened, what might be happening or what could still happen.
In none of these thoughts will they be here now. Books will be exactly as they are in object and words, no more, no less. The soon of books will be the only acceptable alternative to the now of reality.
Now will be that fly rubbing its front limbs together, coming up with an ingenious plan inspired by Soma’s exposed knee: it will decide that it serves as headquarters of General Fly in its polished silky and hard fighting shell gear.
Lira Leirner Art: They Will Read

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