Art vs/ incl. Selfies

Doug Aitken "NOW (dark wood)", 2016. Gallery: Regen Projects, Art Basel 2016
1 I
2 Am on
3 That image

4 One, Three, Five, Seven

5 Quick, art needs reason
6 Quick, what you agree in
7 Quick, pre-empt potential "sin"

6 That picture is truly mine
7 That perspective is my sign
8 That watermark is included

6 To make my mark on it
7 To be certain I exist
8 To prove tangible memory

8 Not quite as branding as a dove
9 Not quite as possessive as a dog
10 No, I hijack for my own creation

8 This is not an excuse here
9 This is not a justification
10 This is a self-serving observation

9 I interact with my surrounding
10 I fake memories of understanding
11 I immortalise my own reality

1 Or
2 Like this:

25 I wanted to take a bunch of selfies with things I think look good because I think I also looked good

Art Basel 2016

Sherrie Levine "Fedora", 2011. Jablonka Galerie. Art Basel 2016

Juan Muñoz "Miroir et cuillère", 1997 Gallery: Marian Goodman Gallery. Art Basel 2016

Olafur Eliasson "Cosmic Gaze", 2016. Gallery: Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Art Basel 2016

Random International, "Blur Mirror" 2016. Art Basel 2016

Hans Op de Beek "The Collectro's House" 2016. Gallery: Marianne Boesky Gallery, Galleria Continua, Galeria Krinzinger. Art Basel Unlimited 2016

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Krzysztof Wodiczko "Zoom Pavillon" 2015. Gallery: Carroll / Fletcher. Art Basel Unlimited 2016

Tracey Emin "The more of you the more I love you" 2016. Gallery: Xavier Hufkens, Lehman Maupin, White Cube. Art Basel Unlimited 2016
Galleria Tega, Art Basel 2016