Lira Leirner Art: Are We There Yet? Behind the scenes

Art is much like humans in that some look better in person than on photographs, others only communicate well in person and are complicated to grasp via any medium. Some only dazzle upon direct interaction, others are most honest and content on their own.

This piece is all of the above. As a mirror with light writing it turned out to be quite difficult to capture: the background had to be dark, not white like a wall, otherwise the writing could not be distinguished. No light could be shone on it lest entire chunks would miss due to the reflection, so natural backlight and higher ISO means a grainier image. To get an even angle for the sides, the photographer needs to stand in parallel to the object, yet in this case it would disrupt the even background needed as the photographer would show, a 300 tele lens had to be used to achieve a blurred enough dark background without the photographer in the image. Too close or at an angle meant that the double reflection of the immediate mirror and glass makes the text appear blurry. Thus were the difficulties.

The difficulties for the classic capture, however, presented themselves as playground. Reflecting light, the letters cast shadows darkly upon the next surface. Reflecting dark and light structures, holding objects in certain places, allowed for certain words to be hidden and others brought to light. Self reflection, shadows, patterns; the combination pointed to an additional reminder of the self-reflection of myself being the content of this piece.
Name: Are we there yet?
Year: 2016Dimension: 30cm x 30cmMaterial: Acrylic on Glass MirrorPrice: £830 – BUY NOW
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