New LL the Portmanteau video: What is Your Language? | #NoMoreCraptions

Thank you for captioning your videos: subtitles and captions are the sound for the majority of your viewers. There are many videos which talk about the advantages of subtitles and captions in detail - many which talk about the fiscal and numerical advantages of the search engine optimisation, the videos aimed at the practical video creator, the one whose views derives from that search of how to do something. There are many videos which talk about accessibility, aimed at the creator who cares about being fair and inclusive. These videos exist and are true. But if you as a creator don’t fit into either of these categories enough for it to affect a change in your choice, you need to understand just how detrimental to yourself the choice to not apply subtitles and captions is. Your content is online, not doing a stand-up in a local pub. The internet is not a local place but the most widespread manifestation of globalisation. Your content is a video, the most comprehensive flat method of communication we currently possess: when you create you care about sound, sight, speed, noise, information, beauty, entertainment. But here’s the reality you ignore when you don’t use subtitles in your videos: the following category is a big, big number. People for whom the language of a piece of media is not the first language are the majority of media consumers. Let me repeat this: the majority of your viewers’ understanding of what you are saying increases exponentially with subtitles. Without subtitles, the majority of your viewers is highly likely to miss out on a big chunk of what you are saying. The majority. Did you get that? Majority. Ignoring the needs of it is, to put it simply, foolish. For that majority, which deaf and hard of hearing people, and people with auditory processing disorder are merely a part of, you deliberately decrease understanding when captions and subtitles are inaccurate, deliberately sit behind an automated ball launcher in the direct light of the sun while expecting the player to catch each and every single ball. It is astounding to me that you would care so little for your own creation and the intended communication thereof - to the majority of your audience - that you allow it to be tainted, tampered with, diminished. Take control and responsibility for your creation. You wouldn’t think of adding sound that is not in sync with what can be seen on the screen and say that you have no control over it, act as though you only added sound out of the goodness of your heart, hint that sound can easily be switched off at the push of a button. Subtitles and captions are the sound of the majority of your viewers. Have you understood this paradigm? Will you add it to the language with which you communicate and create? What is your language? Thank you for captioning your videos. Thank you to Rikki Pointer for tirelessly working for our sound, the written word. #NoMoreCraptions is a campaign by Rikki Poynter. Please watch the other videos for a more educational, practical, less pretentious take on the #NoMoreCraptions campaign. ------------------------------------------------ Subscribe for occasional writings! More likely weekly during European Winter months: A new video will be posted on a Tuesday, maybe. Everything worn in this video is part of the LL fashion line: ------------------------------------------------ Find me, talk to me, and see what I create: Art: Fashion Line: Photography: Instagram: LiraLeirner Twitter: LiraLeirner Vine: LL.the.Portmanteu Facebook Fashion: Facebook Art: Blog: ----------------------------------------­--- Links: Rikki Poynter - No More Craptions: Derral Eves - Creating Subtitles: Alexandria Taylor - Inclusivity on YouTube: The #NoMoreCraptions Playlist: The World of Wordshape: ----------------------------------------­--- Information on the content: With the exception of the three YouTuber clips, all content has been filmed or created by me. Art included are from: Art Basel, Venice Bienniale, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. Dance included are: Stillaut, The Progressive Wave, "See the Music, Hear the Dance" choreographed by Crystal Whitley for "Solaris" by Thomas Ad├Ęs played by Britten Sinfonia.